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18 Feb

Top 5 Reasons to Valet with Parche

Are you still valeting the old school way? Waiting in line, searching for cash, and shivering outside to hand your ticket to the valet attendant? You shouldn't be!

Parche, Valet Without Delay is taking Chicago by storm, and with the freezing cold temperatures expected to hit this week, there’s no better time to download and try our free iPhone app! In case you need an extra bit of encouragement though, here are 5 fantastically compelling reasons to use Parche when you valet:

1. You can skip the trip to the ATM (and those exorbitant ATM fees). A simple scan of your credit card in the Parche app securely saves your payment information for future use, so that paying and tipping for valet is an effortless process, no cash needed!

2. So you can enjoy every minute of your meal and dinner conversation, without having to excuse yourself, bundle up, and head outside to the valet stand to request your car. With Parche, you do it all from your phone, and scan your valet ticket to request your vehicle whenever you are ready.

3. To experience valet like a true VIP. Whether you’re dining out with a date, your parents, grandparents, or business contacts, you’ll look like the very important person that you are when you all walk outside and see that your car is pulled up front, warm and raring to go!

4. To impress your tech-obsessed friends (or frenemies) who think they’re always the first to know about the hottest new apps on the block. Whip out Parche and you’ll earn serious techy street cred.

5. To get to the activities you enjoy quicker, without having to wait for your valet. No one likes waiting and we don’t think you should stand for it! When you valet with Parche, the experience is seamless, allowing you to go do whatever it is that your little heart desires, with no delay.

Park with Parche and you'll be on your way to a better, more enjoyable valet parking experience. To see what Chicago restaurants and venues currently accept Parche, click here!