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26 Feb

Praise for Parche from Chicago's SPLASH

It's been an exciting week for Parche!

We made a big announcement about the official launch of our smartphone app (more on that to come), and received rave reviews from SPLASH, a Chicago Sun-Times publication that covers the best of style, society, and celebrity news in Chicago!

A SPLASH senior editor visited The Boarding House to take Parche, Valet Without Delay for a spin, and his experience from start to finish was effortless as can be! Here's a bit of what he had to say...

I was able to walk (maybe waddle) out of the restaurant, thank the valet and hop right into my car, without having to reach for my wallet or have that awkward, “I only have $1 left, I’m sorry I can’t tip more,” conversation.

He also suggested that James Bond could really use a little Parche in his life... so head on over to SPLASH to read the full article! Then download the app and follow @GoParche on Twitter and Facebook to become part of the Parche posse!