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09 Jun

Spotlight on Parche in Chicago's Coolest Magazine

Have you checked out the June issue of Modern Luxury's CS Magazine? If not, grab a copy and turn to page 36. There you'll find a sweet little write-up about Parche, and how the app makes valet parking effortlessly convenient for you! Here's a taste of what CS had to say:

GET APPY! It takes a bit of creativity to take something that's already quite convenient and make it even more so. But that's exactly what Parche has managed to do with valet parking.

The article also includes shout-outs to some of our favorite and latest locations—Au Cheval, Momotaro, Girl & The Goat, Formento's... but there are so many more incredible Chicago restaurants where you can valet without cash and without the wait! Check out our Locations section to see the full list of hotspots where you can valet with Parche, and check back often as we're growing every day!

P.S. Hate waiting in line? Then you'll LOVE our newest feature! But you'll need to update your app (on iTunes or Google Play) to experience it! Then the next time you request your car with Parche, you'll be able to see how many vehicles are ahead of you in line! How cool is that?!

So, if it's a busy night and you have a desigated driver by your side, you just might have time to enjoy one last glass of wine. Or not... but at least you'll know how much time you have to kill before your chariot arrives.